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Emotional Wellness Tip to Good Mental Health

The technique called "reframing"


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I Am Dee Dee Mahmood

Eat your way to a pain-free body.
If you have arthritis, rheumatism, leg or joint problems, read on..

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3 foods that can help you fight joint pain. Foods can nurture the body and cure your pain. Ginger (Halia) Ginger fight...

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- Want to lose weight? Drink enough water.
- Feeling a headache coming? Drink your water.
- Your sports or fitness performance suffers?
Watch your water intake.

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And Vitamin D is important for the MEN too, for his production of the manly male hormone of testosterone!

What is your favourite outdoor past time?

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SAFRA Yishun Country Club

LIVE NOW! FitPilates with Dr Dee, your Celebrity Exercise Physiologist!
Pilates improves balance, coordination, promotes focus & concentration, increases core strength & reduces risk of falls & ... See more

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Join Dr Dee Dee Mahmood this Saturday at 11am for a session of Fit Pilates!

Date: 27 June, 11am
Where: SAFRA Yishun Facebook Page
Click: https://www.facebook.com/SAFRAYishun/

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I Am Dee Dee Mahmood

No motivation to exercise (life after CB)?
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No motivation (life after CB)? How to Motivate Yourself when your Motivation is Fading Click & Like to receive free motivations h...

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If you have been sitting down too long/stand/walk too much & you are starting to feel that muscle pulls in your legs, knee pain or back pain, ... See more

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Photos from Dr Dee Dee Mahmood's post

Anti-aging tip from Dr Dee..
"It is not that you are old that you cannot move, it is that you become old when you don't move."

If you want to 'BE' younger...
Or if you feel "old" for your age,
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How to eat SPICY foods during Ramadhan?

    By Dee Dee Mahmood May 21, 2018 Updated 23 April 2020 How to eat SPICY foods  when you are fasting  Good thing about spicy food? Spicy food's content - chilli and pepper contain capsaicin, a substance that can boost your metabolism and help you maintain...


By Dee Dee Mahmood August 04, 2019 Insomnia is  habitual sleeplessness or the inability to sleep. Your insomnia is considered chronic if you cannot sleep adequately for 3 days per week and this has been going on for 3 months. Lack of sleep...

Sweet Poison..

By Dee Dee Mahmood July 25, 2019 Sweet Poison..REAL Reasons Why You Crave Sugar  1. You’re suffering from stress Stress creates havoc to your blood sugar levels causing it to shift up and down.This is why you are craving sugar. As a result, excess sugar...

Vitamins and minerals

By Dee Dee Mahmood August 02, 2018 Vitamins and minerals - from your plate - not from your medicine cabinet, FIRSTLY. Important things we MUST have on our plate:Fiber + Vitamins & Minerals + Phytochemicals Fiber is the part of plant foods that we...

Waf4h For all ages



By Dee Dee Mahmood June 21, 2018Updated March 24, 2020 DON'T SURRENDER to STrESs! StReSSed to DeSTrESs ( Nutrition) While many has been complaining how restrictive it is that we can't go travelling, how inconvenient it is to don the mask, how jail-like it...

What to do when you have MUSCLE CRAMPS or the Simpul Biawak”

Simpul biawak or leg muscle cramps happen when your muscle  contracts on its own involuntarily resulting in a spasm.  Why do I get cramps? It is because of any of the following reasons:  -  your muscles are tired  - your muscles are overused -  your body is dehydrated...

Are you eating your mood?

Are you eating uncontrollably because you are depressed? Or are you depressed because you are eating too much?   The truth is that it is LINKED and it causes a downward unhappy spiral cycle.Binge eating IS depressive eating. It contributes to unhealthy weight gain and...

Top 12 Tips to Beautify Your Skin

Your face is what you eat and exercise (or lack thereof!) Your diet has a direct impact on your skin. Vitamins and minerals from your food helps your hormones perform optimally, resulting in a glowing and smooth skin. Skin aging can be reversed by eating foods that...

Natural Concentration Boosters for Children & Adults

Exams and datelines are challenging stressors. It can come from nervousness of anticipation or the fear of failure or just simply, early brain fatigue. To keep the mind sharp and improve mental agility, natural concentration  boosters can be used throughout the day at...

Waf4h For 3-generations


Waf4h For all races


Waf4h For the medical conditions


Waf4h For the ladies


WaF4h For multi generations


International Communities Games 2019 Perth, Australia


Walking Football4Health Men on the World Stage

Walking Football4Health Team Singapore on the World Stage(A (ShoutOut Tribute to all Players, Families & Our WaF4H Big Family, Officials & Organisers, Supporters & Fans, Media &  Sponsors) It was a dream come true for  Coach Masazhari Yayit (from left...

Walking Football4health Asia 1st launch in Singapore

Walking Football for Health Launch  by the Guest of Honour, Member of Parliament of Tampines GRC and Mayor of North East District Mr Desmond Choo on 25 November 2017 #CommitmentToHealth movement was special. In celebration of health through the ages with a modified...

2019 in Review

Written By: Shahrom Asmani (ex-football reporter for a few magazines and newspapers)39-year old Football Crazy Person has been in love with football ever since he attended Singapore National Team’s matches at Kallang Stadium in the roaring 80’s. Has been a goalkeeper...

TEN-3GEN at Toa Payoh Stadium

Written By: Shahrom Asmani (ex-football reporter for a few magazines and newspapers)39-year old Football Crazy Person has been in love with football ever since he attended Singapore National Team’s matches at Kallang Stadium in the roaring 80’s. Has been a goalkeeper...