Dr Dee Dee moves the community!

Dr Dee Dee Mahmood, multi-award winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, TV Presenter & Talk Show Host is the Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University Australia. Her PhD research on obesity was chosen for its impact on obesity in Asia and was accepted and presented at the President’s Cup Award, American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington. Ambassadors to brands like Reebok, Norwegian Seafood Council, this Golden Key Honour Society Scholar and TEDX  Speaker has several signature community fitness programmes to her name, Fat2Fit Asia and Walking Football4Health Asia. This media darling conducts  synergy on community and corporate health and research collaborations internationally.

Her experience and expertise includes being Consultant & Visiting Lecturer for University of Malaya in Malaysia, Lecturer for the United States Sports Academy, International Sports Academy, American Council on Exercise and the Singapore Sports Council as well as the Institute of Business Excellence’s Associate in MARA University of Technology (UiTM) Malaysia.

  A Golden Key International Honor Society Scholar, Dee Dee received her Bachelors of Science Honours  in Edith Cowan University, Australia and  her  postgraduate in Nanyang Technological University/NIE, Singapore.  Dee Dee’s PhD research was supported by the National University of Singapore under University of Malaya. Her research on obesity and high intensity training was selected and presented in the President’s Cup Award in the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Chapter Meeting 2016 in Tacoma Washington. It was selected because of its impact on obesity in Asia.

Dr Dee Dee is a TEDX Speaker & Keynote Speaker 

In international conferences and conventions, her work currently involves research collaborations internationally as well as synergy in corporate and community health.

Dr Dee Dee, Celebrity Talk Show Host 

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Dr Dee Dee The Brand International Ambassador 

Dr Dee Dee’s international ambassadorships include being the 

– REEBOK Fitness Ambassador (Singapore & Malaysia started since 2012); 
– Goodwill Ambassador for Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway; 
– Blue Cap Movement Ambassador Malaysia (Prostate Cancer awareness); 
– Singapore Heart Foundation Ambassador, among others.

Multi-Award Winning Dr Dee Dee 

She has graced the façade of an aeroplane as  Jetstar Asia Celebrate the Hero Award SG50 2015

Dr Dee Dee has been honoured with:

– 2016 Blue Cap Movement Ambassador (Prostate Cancer awareness) Malaysia
– 2015 AURA Hawa (PPIS Singapore)
– 2014 U.M. Cares Award by University of Malaya, Malaysia
– 2010 “Caring It Forward Ambassador” (National Healthcare Group)
– 2008 & 2009 “Go Red for Women” Ambassador (Singapore Heart Foundation)
– 2005 Singapore Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador Award (Singapore Health Promotion Board)
– 2004 & 2006 Gold Award, Singapore Sporting Inspiration Award (Singapore Sports Council)

Dr Dee Dee researched-based signatures based programmes!

Fat2Fit Asia

FAT2FIT ASIA is Dr Dee Dee’s empower to inspire Fat2Fit signatureprogramme incorporating nutrition, exercise physiology and psychology, was personally inspired by her own personal obesity struggles (see her obese photo at the end of this article). She has helped many with  health transformations, losing 25 kg in 3 months the healthy way.) 

Dr Dee Dee is the Mentor Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Celebrity Trainer in the Signature 17-segments episodes series in Fat2Fit on Malaysia’s Television TV1 on “Apa Kata Wanita” in 2013. 

Walking Football4Health Asia

Walking Football for Health is a research initiative driven by Celebrity Talk Show Host, Dr Dee Dee Mahmood,  multi-award winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) of Edith Cowan University Australia, supported by International Sports Academy and Eunos CSC to promote health to the community combating obesity and non-communicable diseases which interferes with the productivity and quality of life.

Did you know…

This was Dee Dee…
She used to be morbidly obesed at 90kg (40BMI). She lost 3 family members to heart attacks and stroke. She was hospitalised for gastroenteritis, suffering cuts to her stomach lining due to extreme dieting. She previously suffered from bullimia.

Notwithstanding all these obstacles, she converted the negatives to positives as she took all these obstacles in her stride. And she has never looked back since.