But Mommy says veggies are good for us.

Well, mommies (and Nutritionists!) are right!

Vegetables contain fibre (which helps regularity in bowel movements and great for handling your cholesterol level) and good sources of vitamins to aid physiological functions.  Fibre is so important, particularly with all the processed foods these days. Many simply aren’t getting the fibre they need.

Some, particularly children, might have a love-hate relationship with vegetables. Vegetables feels tasteless (or even yucky!) And most might just force-eat it in need for its nutritiousness.

How do you boost veggies intake?How to  get your kids AND your family to eat their greens?

The trick is (and what often works!) is finding a way to eat vegetables without feeling like you’re doing it. So how does that work?

1. Sneak in your veggies! Make your shepherd’s pies like normal, but use pureed cauliflower in addition to cheese.

2. Make smoothies using spinach. Spinach adds no flavor to your smoothie so it won’t interfere with the flavour.  Strawberry and banana smoothie adding spinach adds lots of nutrients. You can hide the green color by also including the berries family –  blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.

3. Make muffins using shredded carrots in the batter.

4. Egg can hide vegetables. Chop your vegetables up and add them to scrambled eggs and omelets. It gives that crunchy feel to your breakfast.

5. Vegetables in your fruit juice. Add celery and mint to your fruit juice. The mint will mask the taste of celery.

6. Hide the veggies under the sauces of pizza.

7. Lasagna and casseroles are great dishes for hiding veggies. Chop them up small and add them to the sauce.

8. Make mashed potatoes using cauliflower instead of potatoes.

9. Add 1/2 cup of cooked beets or spinach to a recipe for brownies or chocolate cake. 

10. “Red velvet pancake”? Use mashed cooked beets in the batter. Trick em!

11. Bake  veggie chips from sweet potato, beets, carrots or kale.

12. Vege burgers? Chop spinach and hide it to your pattie. It makes it so much juicier!

Well, there you go….creative ways of sneaking in health!

Yours in health, wellness and beauty always,
Dee Dee Mahmood